Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI
Group Chairman & MD

It is an exciting time to be in the business world in India as the country goes through the information revolution, industrial revolution and educational revolution in the 21st century.

My vision is based on the assumption that we have "lived" our mission statement - our purpose - and have achieved our strategic business objectives.

Our mission & business purpose is to serve our customers and the community as a whole. We will serve them with services & products that are innovative and more efficacious than those offered by our competitors. Quality is delivery of increasingly higher levels of service to our customers (IT & Telecom, Real Estates, Infrastructures, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, products and Services etc.,). The Buktel Technologies (ISE Cards India Limited) idea was to help world community as well as customers, partners by enabling them to high class products and services.

The Buktel Technologies (ISE Cards India Limited) is inspired by its vision to make a meaningful difference through the enlargement of its contribution to the national economy as well as global economy with the partnership of Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry -IICCI. We have pledged to sustain our position as one of India's most valuable corporations, powered by a relentless commitment to world-class performance and creation of enduring value for the Company's stakeholders and the Indian economy. It is our unwavering belief that the larger purpose of business is to serve society - through cutting-edge innovation that delivers the best value to the products and services by Buktel Technologies (ISE Cards India Limited) backed by exemplary governance that embodies the spirit of investors.

The Buktel Technologies (ISE Cards India Limited) of the future will be larger and more complex than it is today. But the big difference between Buktel Technologies (ISE Cards India Limited) today and the one in the vision will be the channel partners and how we interact.

The Buktel Technologies (ISE Cards India Limited) will be more personal as a working environment because all channel partners will be serving one another in a way that creates a sense of community similar to the sense of family that existed when most respected Late Mr. Mohd Hafeez Ansari was running a smaller company and impired with most respected Late Mrs Mumtaz Jahan, mother of Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI and respected brother Mr. Mohammed Meraj ANSARI.

We want our customer, channel partners, and team members to look upon their work not as an occupation, but a vocation...not a necessary chore for making a living, but an opportunity for personal development and fulfillment.

The Buktel Technologies (ISE Cards India Limited) will be viewed as unique individuals with dignity and intrinsic value, independent of the work they do. They will be united in a common cause, each contributing his or her indispensable work, well done, so that the individual efforts add up to a collective world-class result.

We do not exist to make a profit. This is not an end, but a means by which we can continue as a strong, independently-owned company.

Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI is also holding these global positions : -

1. President - International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC (
2. President - International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF. (
3. President - World Council For Regular & Distance Education-WCRDE. ( )
4. Founder & Rector- International Non-Olympic University-INOU. (
5. Chairman - International Super-Cricket Committee-ISCC (
6. President - World Sports Karate Federation-WSKE (
7. President - International Yoga Committee -IYC (
8. President - National Brand Awards Committee -NBA (
9. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer - Quality Factor -QF ( )
10. President - Indo-OIC Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry -IICCI ( )

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